Thursday, February 07, 2008

my liFe in my fRienDs hand

Oh gosh that day i thought i would fly like a bird feel the breeze feel the independence of death .
But my friend rizi he saved me . 15 seconds before this i was looking below for taking a scenic picture of one of gods best places some places in earth are like heaven and this is just one perfect place . And so as i was looking below i slipped and the camera in my hand would have fell so to hold it i went down and so i was in this kind of situation where my life was hanging like a pendulum lucky there was no one to make me oscillate lol . And after few seconds my friend rizwan saw me like he was watching a monkey hanging to its tree playing . But thought he came there smiling before me and asked ' mama what happened why are u playing here ? ' even the worst comedian wouldn't have asked like it but my rizi does it always . And so i told him ' help me ' and he gave his hand and was holding me and called for another friend i thought he is calling for help but what he asked the other guy was ' hey take a photo da like me saving him ' . I couldn't talk anything to him as my life was in his hand i just smirked and he lifted me . End of my emotional adventurous funny story .


nav said...

friend in need is a friend indeed:)