Thursday, May 29, 2008

Best love story ever .. !!!

Once upon a time a guy asked a girl
" will you marry me ? "
she said
" no "
And the guy lived happily everafter .


lifelock 2A

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growth in 1 gb

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This was how the sky was on my top on the hottest days of summer here . The cloud was awesome so took a picture from my friends house terrace . As our exams are over and we are all whiling away the time simply roaming here and there to all places around our houses . It has become very very hot now think its because of global warming ha ha . So we couldnt roam during the morning we started roaming the nights and evening and this was captured during one of the evening . Its as if like god is enlighting my mind with great thoughts ha ha .I liked this pictures so i am sharing hope you too will like it ha ha have fun .

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Long hair really very long

This guy is a saint in India he has the longest hair . Garnier can approach him i think ha ha for their advertisements have never seen hair like this in my lifetime. But it looks real ugly very ugly how could he manage to keep it wow its great of this guy . All the best to him . He wants to grow it much more long it seems . Wonder how he travels . This guy is great .

Friday, May 16, 2008

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shadows of great people

Yeah these people will surely become great persons in future ha ha . Left its me and right its my friend we went to beach with my friends all my school friends there had a get together party . Ate nicely all those rosted chicken stuffs near the besent nagar beach shops poor little chickens .
As it was one of the girls treat we ordered lots and ate and ate and ate . We never mind the bill unless it my treat i know every one are like that only . This is what we do wherever we go play and take pictures . Now my college itself is going to get over but my school mates they keep get together often and meet and keep in touch . Hope my college friends will also be like that . And below are my other friends cool isn't it ha ha .


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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Living it Up

"Healthy living"
"Improved productivity"
"Focussed mind"
"Better Concentration"
"Just like that"
"Peace of mind"

These were some of the answers to the question posed by the instructor "What do you expect out of this course?" In the end , he said, "You wont get anything out of these but try it with an open mind"

I happened to attend AOL (aka) Art of Living course two weeks back at work place.My employer had arranged for it in weekdays 5pm to 7pm. The project i was working on was in Design/Documentation phase,so i had time to take up.There was no special reason to take it up.My friend was interested to try it out,he needed company,so he called me.Also one of my previous managers had taken up this course last time around.He was one of those managers who was vibrant always with high energy levels.Also i suffered two heartbreaks in june,so I decided to take it up.

I entered the hall where it was suppose to happen.Except for my friend others were unknown.It was just a batch of mid 20s. Most of them were red tags(in my employer's terms those who work for this organization for five years get a red tag,>10 years green tag, 1-5 years blue tag).I happened even to see a General Manager of a vertical.What struck me first was the age.I wondered whether i should have taken up this course after 5 years since most the ppl were above 28+ or 30+.I was also in the software engineer hierarchy,rest of them were in Project managers,Business consultant,Pre-sales consultant,etc etc.

The course work was structured in a proper way.One of the gains must be mild yoga,sudharana kriya and pranayama.Another huge gain was meditation.My grand ma used to sit in pooja room for half an hour and do meditation at night.She used to tell me to take up meditation seriously. But i could never close my eyes for more than few mins,may be i was impatient then. Now its a diff story i must say. The course covered two types of meditation.

1) Guided Meditation.
2) Non Guided Meditation.

Guided meditation where in you tell yourself what you have to think about,some examples would be TIME TRAVEL wherein you imagine as a kid in your mom's hand,5 years..10 years (something similar to Anniyan) another is EXPANSION wherein you imagine urself to be sky mountains etc..

Non Guided meditation is more challenging and i like this form more.You have to close you eyes and not force your mind with pre meditated thoughts.You must let all your thoughts flow may be some with hope,worries, fear everything.All you need to do is pay attention to each of those thoughts ,once you pay attention to a thought it vanishes and next one comes up after few mind your mind would go blank and thats what meditation is all about.

Its two weeks of trying meditation and mild yoga.So far very good i would say.That course also had some team building games.One was a retreat dance,another was "Tell your life story in 10 mins to three other ppl".It was interesting to tell your story to others and also listen other's story.One thing is everyone has gone through some challenging moments to be today in this position.On the final day,everyone had to bring their own food and in the end the instructor made it as buffet for everyone.

One of my team mates happened to ask me,
"Dont you know what is good for you?"
"Can't you breathe yourself?"
"Who are those ppl to tell you?"

If you think you know a lot may be this kinda course work wouldn't help you.
But if you have an open mind and you want to try out meditation and mild yoga only (for yourself) then you can give it a try.

One thing for sure is instead of spending time in gym in work outs,this kinda mild yoga and meditation would do a lot of good in my opinion.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

First Crush

This is what happened to my friend .and this post was did by my friend..

Me : does the crush list thingy work?
He1 : what is it supposed to do
Me : supposed to send a mail if both the parties have marked as crush
He1 : wow
we can try it?
Me : yeah why not
lets try . send me ur profile link
He1 : waitie
Me : if it doenst work we have to tell those idiots to stop forwarding such emails
He1 : i scrapped u
Me : added
He1 : done here too
dont see anything yet
Me : Idea!!! waites lets see in gmail
He1 : worked
Me : it works yay man this is funny
He1 : So you going to try your luck :P
Me : Well, i am turning 24 in a month, its impossible to get crushes at this age.

This is the message Orkut sent me and He1.

Hi Nirmal,

You and He1 each have a crush on each other!

Take a deep breath and ponder this...

orkut has unmasked a shared affection
And shown twinned wounds from Cupid's darts.
But while we aid in love's detection,
Its future path lies twixt your hearts.

To see He1's profile click:!@#$%%^&*(!@#$@
* * *

Its more than 3.5 years of spending time in orkut.
Of late i am observing a pattern among our own friends who are in orkut.This behavioral pattern at times amuses me to a great extent.Let me share some of the inputs given to me by my friends.Of late few of our friends started to change their display names like She1 I am thinking ...She1 Exams are tough .... He1 Life is boring. What amuses me is the fact they change it far too often. There was a case when one of my friend changed his name to a caption "Life is a journey",his profile was blank,his display pic was some scenery.Purpose of photo is to identify oneself easily,i still dont understand why ppl put Surya's pic or Trisha's pic in their profile.It was his bday then,i just scrapped him "Happy bday" with out even knowing who he was at that moment.

Then comes our friends who work onsite.95% of onsite guys are more active in orkut than offshore guys . Probably they are so lonely they scrap more often when they are onsite ,they would never have cared to scrap when they worked offshore.For sure you can expect to see beautiful locales of the state / country they are at the moment in their albums.

Finally comes beloved committed/engaged/new weds friends.I dont know who started this funda of putting marriage/engagement snaps in orkut album.Its understandable that those who missed out or those who are in abroad can check out their albums to find who the guy/gal is.Its a general notion marriages are special and those moments can be shared among friends. These snaps are fine but of late ppl started to share honeymoon snaps as well in the their album.I really dont know where this is going to end. Then comes our committed/married friends with one profile ie Husband and Wife together own a profile ie that profile has all husband's friends and all wife's friends.I never liked that idea at all.

One on hand orkut is for friends,on the other hand, there are the anonymous profiles.Its very hard to imagine what their motive is in seeking FRAANSHIP with such profiles.Any half headed person would never accept such fake profiles. Weird thingy is some go to the extent of creating fake profiles merely to increase their fan count.A post on other side of orkut written by karthik sriram.

Everything has good and bad they say.
I think we have to look at only the bright side of such networking sites.
Orkut is still the best place to keep in touch with known *FRIENDS*.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Decorating with artworks

Everybody like arts the painting or it may be photos and arts of any other formats . Most of my friends house they have these art works in their walls it looks so beautiful . These arts adds beauty to the houses . Only few of my friends they itself did some paintings on their walls all others bought it from outside . Not all the places that sells this art works are not original many shops tends to cheat us with fake ones . So to get original art works we have to be very care full . If you appreciate original artwork you might want to take a moment and visit All of the artwork that they sell is original . As I browsed through the site I discovered that each piece of artwork sold is one of a kind. If you are interested in a photograph there’s a statement in the description that says that no prints will be made of the photograph. If you are collecting art as an investment it’s always nice to know that there are no other copies in any form. Beautiful art can brighten up any room. It also brightens the heart, and the face with a smile. In these days, more and more people are looking for something real and the place is . They don't sell prints, copies, or any other kind of replica. They sell all kinds of art: oil paintings, water colors, pottery, drawings, photography and more. They are also currently having a free 2 day express shipping event on all purchases, so hurry over there and take a look. also operates different from other art galleries, they stock in house all the art they sell. They carry many different genres of art from wildlife, to abstract, from modern to fantasy. Browse there extensive collection.Consider buying single large pieces to fill a single wall. A room will look spacier when large painting are placed on the walls, rather than multiple small paintings. Stacking or arranging in a row similar pieces can also create a great look and feel. Whatever your ideas or needs, is sure to be able to help fill your space and bring emotions into your rooms. They provide lots of sections genres of the arts they have . We can find what type of art we are searching for so easily . This site also offers their knowledge about arts and how to select the art of our likes from the here we can find why original arts are usually the best choice and many other articles . All the arts present here are copyrighted arts so you can be so sure that what we are going to buy is the best . They also have an offer , you’ll be pleased to know that the company is offering free 2-day express shipping on all purchases . So if you are buying a art for decorating this is the right choice .

Manager Called Mourinho

Weekends,having a STB,you are blessed to watch a wide variety of sports. From F1,Tennis,Cricket and Soccer.I always had interest in watching football since my school days.But i never followed any team or supported a particular team as my friends used to do. Vikram is probably the biggest Barca fan in Chennai.He used to watch all the matches Barca plays even against some relegated teams.During school/college days i really liked a Spanish Club called REAL MADRID. My first proper email id in yahoo was real_nirmal,coz i considered myself as a fan for that club. REAL arguably one of greatest soccer clubs all time. 9 European Titles, 30 League Titles,you cant ask for more can you? They had bunch of galaticos,their team was a star studded line up,Figo,Beckham,Ronaldo,Raul,Zidane.With such a line up,you are expected to win every match but somehow they did taste much silverware despite having such a huge lineup.

First football club,i started to follow matches was Chelsea. May be from last year, January,i somehow schedule my weekends so that i watch chelsea matches esp if they play against good sides.I liked their former Manager Jose Mourinho. He was a rude/arrogant manager thats what many pundits claim but he was always a PRIMA DONNA of Chelsea Football Club.He built a team which dint have many stars but he made stars out of Drogba. He probably built a style and even after he left many members of the side wanted to leave Stamford Bridge. He fell out with his Russian Boss and finally he quit beginning of this season not before he won 6 trophies in 3 years when his Israeli Assistant coach,AVRAM GRANT took over chelsea. His first interview which goes like this,

In a press conference upon joining the English side, Mourinho said, "Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one", which resulted in the media dubbing him "The Special One"

I like the way Chelsea plays and i probably know who plays where in what position after watching them play so many matches.Cech is probably the best goal keeper in world.I like Joe cole,he plays really well in the left and gives some killer passes.Drogba is another brilliant striker.I just support this club,esp i wanted them to win this one.

After 90 mins scores read 2-1 in favour of Chelsea,I am sure anyone who doesnt even know football will start liking / following / watching when top clubs play against each other.

Sometimes Sports can teach you more about team building than all the management course works does. When Ballack scored his first goal, Terry and other Chelsea players had a shirt which read as "PAT LAMPARD R.I.P Number 8" . Frank Lampard,one of branded players of Chelsea was on leave due to compassionate reasons as his mom passed away,he dint take to field today but every other chelsea player had a black band strapped in their arms.It was very special to watch them dedicate a goal.It was a beautiful moment to watch as Lampard's Team members showed T shirts. There is more in life than winning and Sports teaches you that in the right way.

I just hope Chelsea continue their winning streak at home next wednessday against Liverpool and set up a Champions League summit clash in Moscow on May 21st with Man U or Barca.

Who knows this might be the year Chelsea makes a double?

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Confusing Metrics

I was reading through one of the blogs,i found this johari window.

Then i refreshed my memories infact even i created one for myself almost a year back.
One of the few things that facinates me in life is Metrics. I just love those metrics. infact in my undergrads one of my fav papers was software engineering. that paper dealt with lot of metrics which we use in project management.

Nways i have been deducing metrics from johari window.

Infact i myself coulnt understand how ppl have choosen the certain attributes which i honestly thought dint match me.I wonder whether i have them but then its their perception.

Hence to get the metrics correct,i sent this to ppl whom i like,whom i meet recently after joining work and to those who have been with me or rather know me for more than 6 yeaars since college.Interesting those ppl had marked similar attributes.

I cant accept the fact so many ppl have choosen the attribute sentimental.
I am not a sentimental guy at all.

Nways this metrics as made me even more confused.
But one thing i could infer for sure is i am not the same for everyone.

wamu savings account

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Movie or Shit! which is better??

The world has always got it right when it comes to Oscars. Yes! the same game in the name of fame. So, when was the last time you saw a great movie and thought,"God! how would it have been if this film had got the oscars for best direction?" And if you find the film was given oscar in the same category, wouldn't you have been delighted? Well, the last time you must have probably experienced this should have been sometime which is not in history, which is the complexly put form of saying, "It has never occured."

It didn't occur to me either until today, when I saw this movie PULP FICTION.

The story had got an academy award for best realistic screenplay, "thousands of blistering barnacles!"(from TINTIN. I have started to read that also) Wikipedia proved that this event is into history.

You shouldn't watch this movie if you don't have the flair for experiencing a total shit emanating out of nowhere, but with great fragnance at the end, once you have gone through the ordeal of fearing for the bad smell. I would rate this movie into that category.

This director has also directed the movie Reservoir dogs. I was said this movie was pathetic, but I believe people who said so, would have closed their noses and dared not to experience the reality as in the previous paragraph.

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Return to Innocence

Thats the famous number from ENIGMA. That suits well for our lives when we think, we have lost our carefree attitude once and for all, only to get it back from sources we would have never dreamed of.

This happened a couple of days back in the same spot where I was the subject of ridicule for you people .

This time it was a small boy aged around 6-7 clad in the uniform of my alma mater(annai velankanni primary school). He called me Anna! to my surprise and I stopped. He told, if he can accompany me till my street end. I asked him why? He told, he has this so-called bad relationship with a doggy in my street. I could only smile at his innocence and promised that I will leave him in his house if he wanted. He shot back immediately, "My mom will scold if I take strangers near my house." I told okay, only feeling happy for his naivety. What else can I do?

While crossing my street, as if I had tamed dogs and grown with them, I tried to teach him THE DOG ESCAPE.

our conversation grew as follows, and he shot back for almost everything I told.
me: Whenever you get to see a dog, you should not panic.
he: What if the dog is to my back?
me: When the dog is to your back, you will not panic as you don't know it is to your back.
he: (finding the logic difficult to understand)do you have dogs in your house?

me: (thinking how my mom calls me whenever she finds my untidy table, I said) NO

he: (bending down and removing his shoes) look at this.

me: (the ever doubtful me, about my bulbs, I thought if I should make a run.) what's it?

he: the doggy on your street bit me here. (shows a scar)

me: oh! so, thats why you are scared.

he: do you have a dog bite? (he asked with a proud face)

me: no

he: thats the brown doggy which bit me.

while passing the dog, he huddled behind me. I told him, if he did not run, when he sees a doggy, it will not chase him.

he: he told me, he was actually trying to give something to eat that day, when it chased him for no reason.

me: finding nothing suitable to answer, was just walking with him.

he: ok anna(for the second time) I know this is your house, I am leaving.

me: Oh! you know my house?

he: yes, actually I have come to your house with my mom once. Your mom bought some TUPPERWARE tiffin boxes from my mom.

me: Oh! now I remember. You are form this 26th street.

he: yes

me: ok! bye

he: tata!

I entered my house with a doubt, then why should I be a stranger to him?

Who cares! that was one hell of an experience.