Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Lonely Tree

Deserted tree stands naked amidst
the sorrow cry of the nature
Weary fills, transparent shy faced
The drought cheeks-dry crooked thorns.

Just a sapling-bird perched on him, singing
Lovely red-neck, stouted head and tilted back
Seemed to knock on everything on others’ lament
Teasing tails of rainbow hues, fresh-blooded.

Holds the trunk on a magical touch of love,
Tree sheds tears on the confidence of life
Tweety-bird shelters on him, sounds of tones
That sways him tapping by the sweetness.

And now, the tree has shed his shadow
to house the bird from the wrath of nature
Never did the foiled days came to his mind
Bird still sings life of peace and harmony.

yeah its not me he he i don't write poem so good but i too write some .. ... ..
But i like to read lots of poems stories and all those stuffs ha ha took this from a top of a mountain...


wifespeak said...

Hi, again, Navin. That photo is so sad. But it's great that you have the eye to see how it speaks without saying a word. I'm not a poet, either, but I like to write. I want to go into photography but I just don't have the time. Good post. Hit you back soon.

bunso said...

i liked the poem, so sad but true! life goes on..i liked the picture too...it picturize what's in the poem...hope i can read your poem too!