Friday, February 29, 2008

shining over shadow

The shade , the heat of the sun
. . would often be too much
. .for life to be sustained
. ., for the world to be
. . able to be so diverse
. . but the same shade which
. helps keep the heat from
. scorching helps prevent
. . so much of what shouldn't ......
. .be carry on being and stay
. .. hidden out of the light of day
Took morning in my terrace after i woke up late and missed my college ha ha ...
Be happy always . . . .

Forever friends - Gelly thanks he he ...

A ball is a circleNo beginning,no endIts keeps us together like our circle of friendsBut the treasure inside for you to see is the treasure of friendshipyou've granted to me Today I pass the friendship ball and the cute friend tag to my sweetest friends and yeah cuteste friends too he he ....
monica , nacosu , Krisha , syari , vivek , janine , princezz , zhoe wynz , bunso and novee .. ....

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Award from vivek !!

Thanks vivek for this award ...
i would like to pass this to my friends bunso , wifespeak , nacosu , novee , Zhoe Wynz.....,and jean

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Lonely Tree

Deserted tree stands naked amidst
the sorrow cry of the nature
Weary fills, transparent shy faced
The drought cheeks-dry crooked thorns.

Just a sapling-bird perched on him, singing
Lovely red-neck, stouted head and tilted back
Seemed to knock on everything on others’ lament
Teasing tails of rainbow hues, fresh-blooded.

Holds the trunk on a magical touch of love,
Tree sheds tears on the confidence of life
Tweety-bird shelters on him, sounds of tones
That sways him tapping by the sweetness.

And now, the tree has shed his shadow
to house the bird from the wrath of nature
Never did the foiled days came to his mind
Bird still sings life of peace and harmony.

yeah its not me he he i don't write poem so good but i too write some .. ... ..
But i like to read lots of poems stories and all those stuffs ha ha took this from a top of a mountain...


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train -

I had to go to a place in chennai and so i took a train and went there and thats were i took this picture it was so beautiful the clouds were covering the sun and it was great i couldn't resist from taking this picture . i really liked it a lot . Pictures have more thing to say i think this pictures shows something about the travel in everybody life ha ha . See there was a guy who was crossing the tracks .


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Monday, February 25, 2008

Cooool cat . . .

Thank you jean for this cool tag . It looks so cute isnt it he he he ..... I feel so chill .. ..
i am passing this to my cooooooool friends vivek , emotera , liza , joice , novee and levian . . .

Thank you vivek

Got this from my friend vivek thanks you mate ......

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lonely is Just One Word

Lonely is just one word chosen to represent so much
To tell of feelings inside that the senses cannot touch

Lonely can be in the teardrops on a bereaved person’s cheek
Lonely can be in the silence of sorrows too deep to speak

Lonely can haunt a deserted room that Laughter once made proud
Lonely surrounds you when you’re alone or finds you in a crowd

Lonely is heard in echoed footsteps of a departing friend
Lonely penetrates the solitude of nights that will not end

Lonely will not listen to the pleadings of a broken heart
Lonely stays and torments until new Love shatters it apart ....

Forgot the name of the person who wrote this he he and took this picture in ecr beachs......

Saturday, February 23, 2008

natural beauty

Guess what flower this is ???? ??? ?????
And the winner for this question gets __________
Will tell if any one guesses it correctly ha ha .
And this is one of my favorite pictures thought i didn't click this best black and white photo . i don't know what else to write for this . It was taken in a park .

Just a walk in a park can give you a great photo like this . Throw away your worries and bloom with happiness well thats all i can tell you with this photo ha ha . Everybody looks more beautiful when they are smiling just like this blossomed flower thats called as the real beauty thats hiding in everyones face just show it to others and spread it . Keep smiling .

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Light destroys the darkness

Some people are like candle they shine for others like Mother Teresa . She lived for others . Not everybody can be like her but just helping a few people who needs all the basic neccesities for leading a life is a great thing . Try visiting any orphanage once it will make you feel what life is all about . You can get to know how lucky you are to be born with something whereas there is nothing in orphanages . Enlighten others with your caring heart , your helping mind and you will know what true happiness is .. Help others enlight the darkness in the lives of others.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Moon - once upon a time

A little closer . From my terrace .

Well what to write about moon i did study about it . When i was kid my grandma used to spoon feed me showing the moon . I thought it as a torch light when i was a kid . And now one of my friends got drunk and told moon as a torch light i was so happy i found that we become like kids some times when we get drunk too much ha ha .
Once upon a time simply wandering in the roads late night with my friends and had this shots .

A little away .From the roads

Friday, February 15, 2008

reaching for the sky

Reaching for the sky . Sky is the limit for my aims and dreams .To tell the truth we bunked the college half a day . IT was around 2 pm after noon and we were roaming in our bikes to one of my friends house .
It was very hot and so i was covering the suns hot rays from my face ha ha . But it rained after about one hour it was great the climate became cool again but came back home wet .

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

my Guitar my music my world ......

Actually in my blog i thought of only showing my black and white photos but this picture the sky is so great so i wanted to be in color . I love blue color and my shirt also blue ha ha its one of my favorite shot i thank my friend dini for my photo . And sorry its not my guitar its my friends dini's sister guitar just sneaked into his house and took photos without his sister noticing but when we came back from the terrace she caught us the thing happened after getting caught cant be revealed(secret) . I don't play it also just holding it to give a great pose ha ha . . . I like only hearing music and singing and getting beatings from my friends after they hear me singing ha ha .

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

in river flooded with cool memories

Thats me getting splashed with water as thought i am a car given for water wash ha ha . My friends surrounded me and let me take a cool bath that day in the rivers . This was another great day .I am not laughing in this picture I was actually praying that i should not fall because i don't know swimming properly . So i should find a lover( GIRL ) who is a good swimmer but if she is naughty she will push me into water and laugh at me oh my god i cant think more ha ha .
its a great river isn't it . My friend didn't take the picture clear but that doesn't bother as this simple picture is enough for me to keep the memories alive till the very end .

beach - [ v ]

The same beach in the ecr i told u there are only few people who come there its as awesome place . Great place to hang out with your lover but i don't have any : ) ha ha .. I am happy now always enjoying with my great friends and being single . When i have some gf(it will take a long time i think ) i will surely take her here who else would you like to spend your time other than the person whom you love ha ha ha . Enjoy .......................................................................................

Monday, February 11, 2008

bessy again

The evening sun . what else should i say for this .

YOuth Of the Nation

This Old guy here i don't know who he is . But he is not a model for my camera . I don't know what he was thinking in such a place . . God bless him .
Yeah this guy he was great we saw he was running around the place for about half an hour .
It was a Sunday evening this guy was exercising . Then he sat and did meditation then he started doing .

my self at bessy beach wit RIZI

Its me at the beach . Yesterday we went there to the best places in chennai where many movie are shot . Its bessy beach and this is at the broken bridge there . Went in the evening and got an awesome scenes there the sun going to take its another shift of looking at the other side of the world . I was thinking about life . What i have done till now but i haven't done that much to be thought so started thinking of what to do next . But this also i don't know clearly what i am going to do next . Anyway for the moment i love to have fun and thats what we did yesterday . It was my closest friend rizwans birthday and we went there to celebrate but i forgot to wish him the morning sorry machiiiii ... I wish him long life full of happiness and i will always be with him till the end thats for sure . We have had lots of best moments in our lives together and will still have more god bless you da ... this is for you RIzwann ....... love you i am straight


Took it long back in the beaches around ecr road . Think the beach name was copper beach .
It was a lovely beach not many people come there but we went in 4 bikes with friends . Its really an awesome beach you should go with your girl friend lover or anyone whom you like to share your life with . I have went to lots of beaches but this remains one of very special beach . Think a beach with such a lovely waters and the beach itself is lonely without people wow . It was so silent only the sounds of the waves some birds and wind . nice place huh its in Chennai India. .We saw this tracks of a jeep it was nice and i captured it . It was a little rainy but lucky the tracks remained .

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Playing in the the cold river its rajesh rizwan and me . This river is actually in a forest that is prohibited from tourist but we went there .First we were all scared to get into the river as it was flowing fast but we couldn't control ourselves from enjoying in it . Once you left a opportunity like this it is very difficult to get it back . Neither of us know swimming but like Mr. Vadivel told (He is a great south Indian scholar) . whatever we do we have to plan and do . And so we followed his words went there with great fright but came out fully wet but it was a great time. The waters were so enchanting they look like pearls and diamonds thrown out in the sunlight . Wow looks so splendid . God is really great . Another snap .

Mr. .Lonely

Took near a river in coorg . Its a great place to be .

high 5 ...............

hi 5ing with myself ........ ......... ......... .........
my hand and its shadow........ ...... .......

Saturday, February 09, 2008

destitute leaves - []

Took this picture about 4 years ago near my old house i kept the photo safely this was one of the photos that i clicked when i started to fall in love with photography that too black and white . The whole place is full of trees but this branch of leaves were all alone very hungry looking at the sky it had no contact with its family and the neighboring trees . And so i was attracted towards it and made it look beautiful i think so ha ha . Its amateurish photo but since it was one of my first photo i clicked i love it a lot . If any of you like it please try to comment ha ha . . . . . . . .

black waTers

This photo also was shot during the boat ride only . Cochin is so very beautiful place really its Gods own land . The waters are so great trees so green wow awesome place to be .

Boat riDe quote

This guy he was pushing the boat with 8 peoples including me . We went to cochin in Kerela and there we went to some islands and the travel is so great in the river its very adventurous for every one and it was very adventurous for me because i don't know swimming .One great character in me is that i never show the fright inside me on my face ha ha . This guy we gave only very little money but the work he did it deserves more he took and returned us so safely . I felt what hard work really is from him . He took us to nearly 10 islands in that back waters .
There were one family from Israel Mr. Richard and his wife n daughter . He was a great guy very humorous funny bearded guy .
' Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction.'
I give this quote to this guy . !

Friday, February 08, 2008

rajesh n PrasatH - my buddiez

September 23 2007 ,

He is my class DON . He steals the bun from all the shops in India very dangerous guy .

Has tried to enter 23 shops to steal bun in one day . Great rowdi area mass gets beating from everyone around his area . He has helped me lot of times when i was starving in hunger has gave me more than 5 buns one day . i thank god for the bun and my don friend rajesh ...

Will write more about him .

P.S Sullu is his very regular customer .

Prasath is his partner and share holder in chengalpattu district .
He is the dream boy for all the girls ..... !!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Flying in the sky

It was about 1 30 on a burning hot afternoon . We went to a amusement park here called mgm with whole class we had lots of fun there . Took this picture there one of the rides which make you itself to spin and then after the ride is over also you will be spinning for some time its after effects of this .This happy spinning dizzy nausea including amusement park ride i liked it very much that i kept on staring and so didn't go for the ride ha ha . i heard a small boy beside me shouting ' mom mom lets go this ride its so cooool ' i thought that kid was great to tell this ride was cool . And so i decided to go for the ride but i was not sure that i would come back so i wanted to take a picture of this before i went . And so this picture was took so fine . And luckily i came back after the ride ha ha it was a great enjoyment there with all my friends .

few colours

Edited the picture adding some colors using adobe just wanted to see how it will look with few colors and the picture was nice i liked it and my friends too liked it .

lonely riVer -

Took this picture in the river it was a cool place great blue waters wonderful green grass and so lovely sky the day was great and the photo came perfectly we took it in the evening .We always keep going to many places with our friends and this place was just one of the best places of natural beauty . The place was so silent astonishing beautiful it was really so poetic there i am sure everyone will like that place .And as we and my friends were wondering there chatting making funny comments like we do every second we saw there was a handsome boy in age 20 he was sitting there for a long time holding a stick in his hand i think he was thinking about the girl he loved i wish he gets her and make a happy living as he has given me a great picture he he . And so we went and took a picture it came well and that guy saw us we even saw he had some small bottle in his hands . after seeing us that guy ran he dropped the stick and the small bottle he had. And we went and saw the bottle had the label Benzodiazepines its a poison that guy as tried to suicide and we saved him ha ha . then We just played in the river took many other pictures of us and left is was great day .

my liFe in my fRienDs hand

Oh gosh that day i thought i would fly like a bird feel the breeze feel the independence of death .
But my friend rizi he saved me . 15 seconds before this i was looking below for taking a scenic picture of one of gods best places some places in earth are like heaven and this is just one perfect place . And so as i was looking below i slipped and the camera in my hand would have fell so to hold it i went down and so i was in this kind of situation where my life was hanging like a pendulum lucky there was no one to make me oscillate lol . And after few seconds my friend rizwan saw me like he was watching a monkey hanging to its tree playing . But thought he came there smiling before me and asked ' mama what happened why are u playing here ? ' even the worst comedian wouldn't have asked like it but my rizi does it always . And so i told him ' help me ' and he gave his hand and was holding me and called for another friend i thought he is calling for help but what he asked the other guy was ' hey take a photo da like me saving him ' . I couldn't talk anything to him as my life was in his hand i just smirked and he lifted me . End of my emotional adventurous funny story .

GruDge house - coorg

This is our guest house in the hill station Coorg .
We went a trip there in December with 10 of my friends it was such a exciting place we enjoyed a lot . We stayed there for 10 days exploring the whole place it had such exotic locations so many romantic places . I thought i should bring my lover here and propose her here tell her my love . First two days here was so nice we roamed all the day and came here only night at 10 it was very cold so we got drunk everyday . We always take a lot of photos where ever we go we had 6 digital cameras . third day we took one photo in one of the bed rooms the image was not so clear in the camera there was white shades behind us . And fourth night you would not believe me we heard some creepy noise like the one in Grudge . We found that this house was haunted every night sharply 1 20 am we use to hear creepy noise . since we were in a group we did not show the fright but the main reason was we 8 of us got drunk every night . But we too had the fear growing inside us we had so lovely ghost dreams ' the ghost came took my friend i went and fought with it like Bruce lee and saved him and got medal of honor from Gods own hand ' yeah my childhood dreams lol . And the last day we found out that one of guys only were playing with us by playing the tones in phone the grudge sounds as we were drunk we couldn't find it easily . But any way the trip was such a great experience and funny with the grudge lol . Moral : DO not drink lol .

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

black and white

Took this photo today its a girl standing near the door of my class she looks great she was waiting for her boy friend Sulthan he is a smart guy my friend only i can keep talking about my friend Sulthan but more than 4 blogs are needed to tell about him . I dedicate this photo for my best friend sulthan .