Thursday, May 01, 2008

Return to Innocence

Thats the famous number from ENIGMA. That suits well for our lives when we think, we have lost our carefree attitude once and for all, only to get it back from sources we would have never dreamed of.

This happened a couple of days back in the same spot where I was the subject of ridicule for you people .

This time it was a small boy aged around 6-7 clad in the uniform of my alma mater(annai velankanni primary school). He called me Anna! to my surprise and I stopped. He told, if he can accompany me till my street end. I asked him why? He told, he has this so-called bad relationship with a doggy in my street. I could only smile at his innocence and promised that I will leave him in his house if he wanted. He shot back immediately, "My mom will scold if I take strangers near my house." I told okay, only feeling happy for his naivety. What else can I do?

While crossing my street, as if I had tamed dogs and grown with them, I tried to teach him THE DOG ESCAPE.

our conversation grew as follows, and he shot back for almost everything I told.
me: Whenever you get to see a dog, you should not panic.
he: What if the dog is to my back?
me: When the dog is to your back, you will not panic as you don't know it is to your back.
he: (finding the logic difficult to understand)do you have dogs in your house?

me: (thinking how my mom calls me whenever she finds my untidy table, I said) NO

he: (bending down and removing his shoes) look at this.

me: (the ever doubtful me, about my bulbs, I thought if I should make a run.) what's it?

he: the doggy on your street bit me here. (shows a scar)

me: oh! so, thats why you are scared.

he: do you have a dog bite? (he asked with a proud face)

me: no

he: thats the brown doggy which bit me.

while passing the dog, he huddled behind me. I told him, if he did not run, when he sees a doggy, it will not chase him.

he: he told me, he was actually trying to give something to eat that day, when it chased him for no reason.

me: finding nothing suitable to answer, was just walking with him.

he: ok anna(for the second time) I know this is your house, I am leaving.

me: Oh! you know my house?

he: yes, actually I have come to your house with my mom once. Your mom bought some TUPPERWARE tiffin boxes from my mom.

me: Oh! now I remember. You are form this 26th street.

he: yes

me: ok! bye

he: tata!

I entered my house with a doubt, then why should I be a stranger to him?

Who cares! that was one hell of an experience.