Saturday, May 03, 2008

Confusing Metrics

I was reading through one of the blogs,i found this johari window.

Then i refreshed my memories infact even i created one for myself almost a year back.
One of the few things that facinates me in life is Metrics. I just love those metrics. infact in my undergrads one of my fav papers was software engineering. that paper dealt with lot of metrics which we use in project management.

Nways i have been deducing metrics from johari window.

Infact i myself coulnt understand how ppl have choosen the certain attributes which i honestly thought dint match me.I wonder whether i have them but then its their perception.

Hence to get the metrics correct,i sent this to ppl whom i like,whom i meet recently after joining work and to those who have been with me or rather know me for more than 6 yeaars since college.Interesting those ppl had marked similar attributes.

I cant accept the fact so many ppl have choosen the attribute sentimental.
I am not a sentimental guy at all.

Nways this metrics as made me even more confused.
But one thing i could infer for sure is i am not the same for everyone.