Thursday, May 01, 2008

Movie or Shit! which is better??

The world has always got it right when it comes to Oscars. Yes! the same game in the name of fame. So, when was the last time you saw a great movie and thought,"God! how would it have been if this film had got the oscars for best direction?" And if you find the film was given oscar in the same category, wouldn't you have been delighted? Well, the last time you must have probably experienced this should have been sometime which is not in history, which is the complexly put form of saying, "It has never occured."

It didn't occur to me either until today, when I saw this movie PULP FICTION.

The story had got an academy award for best realistic screenplay, "thousands of blistering barnacles!"(from TINTIN. I have started to read that also) Wikipedia proved that this event is into history.

You shouldn't watch this movie if you don't have the flair for experiencing a total shit emanating out of nowhere, but with great fragnance at the end, once you have gone through the ordeal of fearing for the bad smell. I would rate this movie into that category.

This director has also directed the movie Reservoir dogs. I was said this movie was pathetic, but I believe people who said so, would have closed their noses and dared not to experience the reality as in the previous paragraph.