Sunday, May 04, 2008

First Crush

This is what happened to my friend .and this post was did by my friend..

Me : does the crush list thingy work?
He1 : what is it supposed to do
Me : supposed to send a mail if both the parties have marked as crush
He1 : wow
we can try it?
Me : yeah why not
lets try . send me ur profile link
He1 : waitie
Me : if it doenst work we have to tell those idiots to stop forwarding such emails
He1 : i scrapped u
Me : added
He1 : done here too
dont see anything yet
Me : Idea!!! waites lets see in gmail
He1 : worked
Me : it works yay man this is funny
He1 : So you going to try your luck :P
Me : Well, i am turning 24 in a month, its impossible to get crushes at this age.

This is the message Orkut sent me and He1.

Hi Nirmal,

You and He1 each have a crush on each other!

Take a deep breath and ponder this...

orkut has unmasked a shared affection
And shown twinned wounds from Cupid's darts.
But while we aid in love's detection,
Its future path lies twixt your hearts.

To see He1's profile click:!@#$%%^&*(!@#$@
* * *

Its more than 3.5 years of spending time in orkut.
Of late i am observing a pattern among our own friends who are in orkut.This behavioral pattern at times amuses me to a great extent.Let me share some of the inputs given to me by my friends.Of late few of our friends started to change their display names like She1 I am thinking ...She1 Exams are tough .... He1 Life is boring. What amuses me is the fact they change it far too often. There was a case when one of my friend changed his name to a caption "Life is a journey",his profile was blank,his display pic was some scenery.Purpose of photo is to identify oneself easily,i still dont understand why ppl put Surya's pic or Trisha's pic in their profile.It was his bday then,i just scrapped him "Happy bday" with out even knowing who he was at that moment.

Then comes our friends who work onsite.95% of onsite guys are more active in orkut than offshore guys . Probably they are so lonely they scrap more often when they are onsite ,they would never have cared to scrap when they worked offshore.For sure you can expect to see beautiful locales of the state / country they are at the moment in their albums.

Finally comes beloved committed/engaged/new weds friends.I dont know who started this funda of putting marriage/engagement snaps in orkut album.Its understandable that those who missed out or those who are in abroad can check out their albums to find who the guy/gal is.Its a general notion marriages are special and those moments can be shared among friends. These snaps are fine but of late ppl started to share honeymoon snaps as well in the their album.I really dont know where this is going to end. Then comes our committed/married friends with one profile ie Husband and Wife together own a profile ie that profile has all husband's friends and all wife's friends.I never liked that idea at all.

One on hand orkut is for friends,on the other hand, there are the anonymous profiles.Its very hard to imagine what their motive is in seeking FRAANSHIP with such profiles.Any half headed person would never accept such fake profiles. Weird thingy is some go to the extent of creating fake profiles merely to increase their fan count.A post on other side of orkut written by karthik sriram.

Everything has good and bad they say.
I think we have to look at only the bright side of such networking sites.
Orkut is still the best place to keep in touch with known *FRIENDS*.


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