Saturday, May 03, 2008

Manager Called Mourinho

Weekends,having a STB,you are blessed to watch a wide variety of sports. From F1,Tennis,Cricket and Soccer.I always had interest in watching football since my school days.But i never followed any team or supported a particular team as my friends used to do. Vikram is probably the biggest Barca fan in Chennai.He used to watch all the matches Barca plays even against some relegated teams.During school/college days i really liked a Spanish Club called REAL MADRID. My first proper email id in yahoo was real_nirmal,coz i considered myself as a fan for that club. REAL arguably one of greatest soccer clubs all time. 9 European Titles, 30 League Titles,you cant ask for more can you? They had bunch of galaticos,their team was a star studded line up,Figo,Beckham,Ronaldo,Raul,Zidane.With such a line up,you are expected to win every match but somehow they did taste much silverware despite having such a huge lineup.

First football club,i started to follow matches was Chelsea. May be from last year, January,i somehow schedule my weekends so that i watch chelsea matches esp if they play against good sides.I liked their former Manager Jose Mourinho. He was a rude/arrogant manager thats what many pundits claim but he was always a PRIMA DONNA of Chelsea Football Club.He built a team which dint have many stars but he made stars out of Drogba. He probably built a style and even after he left many members of the side wanted to leave Stamford Bridge. He fell out with his Russian Boss and finally he quit beginning of this season not before he won 6 trophies in 3 years when his Israeli Assistant coach,AVRAM GRANT took over chelsea. His first interview which goes like this,

In a press conference upon joining the English side, Mourinho said, "Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one", which resulted in the media dubbing him "The Special One"

I like the way Chelsea plays and i probably know who plays where in what position after watching them play so many matches.Cech is probably the best goal keeper in world.I like Joe cole,he plays really well in the left and gives some killer passes.Drogba is another brilliant striker.I just support this club,esp i wanted them to win this one.

After 90 mins scores read 2-1 in favour of Chelsea,I am sure anyone who doesnt even know football will start liking / following / watching when top clubs play against each other.

Sometimes Sports can teach you more about team building than all the management course works does. When Ballack scored his first goal, Terry and other Chelsea players had a shirt which read as "PAT LAMPARD R.I.P Number 8" . Frank Lampard,one of branded players of Chelsea was on leave due to compassionate reasons as his mom passed away,he dint take to field today but every other chelsea player had a black band strapped in their arms.It was very special to watch them dedicate a goal.It was a beautiful moment to watch as Lampard's Team members showed T shirts. There is more in life than winning and Sports teaches you that in the right way.

I just hope Chelsea continue their winning streak at home next wednessday against Liverpool and set up a Champions League summit clash in Moscow on May 21st with Man U or Barca.

Who knows this might be the year Chelsea makes a double?


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