Friday, March 14, 2008


The only pictures that i took in black and white in Ooty are these two pictures . All other pictures we took in color only as i was with my family i couldn't take many pictures because my mom keeps on yelling at me to stop playing with the camera and take family pictures rather than taking pictures like this he he. And like always the sky was so beautiful that day i am so lucky most days that i take a picture of the sky it will be so beautiful ha ha . It was so cold that day full of breeze we even had those fog and mist going here and there . I saw small kids playing in the for and i prayed some kids get lost in that mist i will go and rescue them in the dark woods and their parents calling me a hero and like they end in powerpuff girls i come in the end with the audio " and the day was saved by navin " , but what if i go and try to find them and i get lost oh my god nothing happened that day he he .

Beautiful trees with a beautiful sky background in a evening time with a cool breeze that makes your mind calm and loose all your thoughts your worries and feels like heaven just like they say in master card advertisement some things cant be bought by money and this is one .



venue said...

nice post dude.... good going...
where's this place? do comment mine

nyl said...

good capture navin!sure we can x-link!thanks for dropping!

mama said...

wow great pictures . . . !!
it seems to be a great place..

TASH said...

Like your pic, dear:)

Novee said...

hahahaaa.. Navin funny crazy blogger to be Navin the super hero..
wakakakakkk.. superman? batman? spiderman? oh Navin.. i can't pictured you wearing super hero costume.. ups!
but both picture is great photo!
good job, bro..
tell your mother, don't ever yelling you when you work with your camera
*oh Navin, shame on me.. my english is very-very BAD in the world.. huhuhuuu*

levian said...

wow the sky is so pretty !! totally portrays the tree branches. :D