Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do not rob during a full moon day

Well there is a great story behind this picture . Me and my friends we all went to a hill station some days ago . We all stayed in a hotel it was a great place to be with . But the hotel we stayed was like a small hut which had all the things that is needed for 10 guys to stay . But the house was really spooky the other houses were very far from us . Behind our house it was a valley and if we fall there then thats the end of ours but it'll really be a adventurous journey ha ha . One night we all went out and came late to our hut . And it was past 1 am and one of my friends he tried to open the door but to all of our fright the door was open . So we thought that some robber is staying inside so we all planned to stay outside and capture him when he gets out . We even laid great plans you know we see a lot of movies and so like to do many heroic things but it ends up funny ha ha . But for this we had a great plan since we were 10 of them we planned to cover the whole of the house around it and i was the one with a camera in my left hand and a log of wood in my right hand and i was made to stay behind the back of the house . We even heard sound coming inside the house . So we took our positions and waited for nearly half an hour and no one came out of the door and i got so bored that i took this photo he he .
And the climax was very worst for us we nearly waited one hour and we found only a cat inside the house it was playing . My friend he forgot to lock the hut when we all left and this caused all these funny master planning robber capturing plan fail ha ha .
Hope you like this picture took in the midst of a great plan in the history of mankind ha ha .


Berryblitz said...

Robber? And I thought you are all thinking of a ghost.

The image blends well with your blog. I like it :)