Saturday, April 12, 2008


These are the 10 Reasons Why I Blog TAG

(got this tag from CACA)

1. My friends all started bloggin and told me also to blog so its the first reason i started it .

2. I made good friends from many places through blogging .

3. I was able to put the photos that i took and get appreciated by others it feels good when someone tells what we have did is nice good like that but some times no one comments ha ha .

4. I got lots of informations from other blogs , sitting before a machine i got to know about many things around the world .

5. I could write all my funny thoughts which if i tell my friends they will kick me ha ha allowed me to express myself creatively

6. To improve my writing skills ha ha .

7. Blogs gave me exposure .

8. For earning some pocket money to spend it happily outside with friends roaming ha ha but i have got less only :( what to do .... !!

9. Found the world is very big and wanted to go to lots of places .

10. My college ends at 4 .10 and i reach home by 6 r 7 r 8 after roaming lots of places with my friends and mostly watch a movie after that and then i had no other option to spend time in my house other than blog and so i am doing it .

Passing this tag to
novee , GeLLy , bunso ,
loannah , ging


caca said...

for number 7, the money i earn hear is good for my eye yet. hehehe, i have not cashed out and spent a cent to celebrate with my friends. hmmm, maybe someday. :)

nazreen said...

hmm corect 1more ting share te money wit friends by giving treat k.....

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