Thursday, July 10, 2008

I have joined a gym

I dont go to gym mostly i am a foot ball player and the coach tells me to go to gym but i never go i just like to be on the field . I dont like to work indoors in gym and have great body like Arnie or Ronnie colman . But today i have joined a gym . Not only me along with me 5 other friends of mine have joined . All of us don't have interest in gym thougth the main reason that we have joined is that there is a girl in our place she is so beautifull and she has joined that gym last week and has been working out a lot it seems and so two of my friends have an eye on her . Even i like her too ha ha . So we have all joined the gym here and trying to make her our friend and then who ever is lucky will have her as lover or who knows she may even have a lover already and we will be made fools . All the best to us .


Anonymous said...

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