Tuesday, July 22, 2008

how is inflation calculated in India?

In India calculation of inflation is done by assuming WPI. WPI is the whole sale price index . but other than india some countries in the west and European countries calculate the inflation in yerms of CPI. CPI is the consumer price index. in india whole sale price index comprise food commodities like fruits, sugar,vegitables, etc comprise the food basin. by all this stuffs the who sale price index is calulated by the whole sale price. developing countrie like india inflation hits the middle class and lower class citizens. the basic food items needs for survival are hiked and becomes choas for the people. currently India s inflation is about 11.93% and experts say that it may increase upto 14%. the ruling GOVT failed to control inflation and it will play the major roll in the next years loksabha election campaign by the opposition parties in India.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Diet pills

As the technology gets developing more and more it has made a lot of people very lazy . I have a friend his name is john and his dad is rich . He had a bike when we had cycle and now he has car when still we are having cycles . He was a fat kid from the childhood and now he is very fat . Many used to tease him but he never minds it he just keeps on becoming fat . And suddenly he wanted to reduce his weight don't know the reason though may be he has fell in love or something else that doesn't matter . He joined a gym and he couldn't reduce his weight . And we heard about the Diet Pills and told about it to him . He too was so happy without working out so hard in gym this is a easy way to reduce weight . But the main thing that matters here is where we going to buy and what to buy . We didn't know where to read about the details of the pills and then we found in the net the site consumerpricewatch.net . This is the best place to buy the pills we found a lot of information about the pills and there was a review about each and every pill . We selected the orovo pill for our friend john and he has started using it . Orovo was did by a full time mother and so we selected it we were sure it would be safe . And now john is taking these pills and there is a great change in him . John is now enjoying his life he is so happy .

I have joined a gym

I dont go to gym mostly i am a foot ball player and the coach tells me to go to gym but i never go i just like to be on the field . I dont like to work indoors in gym and have great body like Arnie or Ronnie colman . But today i have joined a gym . Not only me along with me 5 other friends of mine have joined . All of us don't have interest in gym thougth the main reason that we have joined is that there is a girl in our place she is so beautifull and she has joined that gym last week and has been working out a lot it seems and so two of my friends have an eye on her . Even i like her too ha ha . So we have all joined the gym here and trying to make her our friend and then who ever is lucky will have her as lover or who knows she may even have a lover already and we will be made fools . All the best to us .

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Weight loss pills

All over the world people are becoming fat easily with all the junk foods around and obesity has been considered as a disease by the doctors itself . Lots of people now go to doctors to reduce weight . And some prefer to go to gym to reduce weight but they cant reduce their weight so easily in gym they have to work out a lot . The only solution to reduce weight without going to gym and having those tiresome work outs is to have weight loss pills . These pills are very good , very comfortable and very worthy to use as the weight loss pills show a great difference in few days . This is because of the increased metabolism and other few things which i do not know properly . The only thing i know is these pills are available a lot in the market but not every weight loss pills are good . Some pills may show side effects and all so selecting these pills from a authorized and a good place matters a lot . In the weight loss pills the masters are the weightlosspills.net . In this site we can find all that about the weight loss pills . Each and every pills are available here along with a review and they also have rated the pills . They have rated the pills with the ingredients used , effectiveness and speed and they have given points up to 10 and have rated these pills . Buying of pills matters a lot and when it come to weight reduction the best place to buy the weight loss pills is this . Now weight reduction have become so easy with them .